Reversing a Caravan

Tips and Useful Information from Trojan Trailers Ltd

  1. Start with vehicle and caravan as straight as possible and about a caravans length from the place into which you are reversing.

  2. Watching the caravan out of the driver's window, reverse slowly and start turning the steering to the right. It is easier to add more steering than to correct to much.

  3. As soon as the caravan starts to turn, you begin straightening up whilst still reversing. If you leave it too late the caravan will jack-knife.

  4. Eventually you start steering the other way whilst still reversing. Bring the vehicle's nose round to follow the caravan. Keep an eye on where the caravan is in case it needs correction.

  5. Reverse in a straight line using the door mirrors. Reverse slowly and carefully. When more of the caravan appears in one mirror, steer towards that mirror to start the trailer going the other way. Corrections only require small steering movements.

  6. Pulling forward to straighten the caravan is sometimes an easier option before continuing your reverse.

For more useful information including Towing Laws, Tyre pressures, Replacing brake Shoes please visit Trojan Trailers Ltd

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