Where can I get a replacement handbook for my Eccles Caravan?

First off, why don't people pass these on when they sell a van? What use is to them once they've parted with the van?!

It is unlikely that you will be able to obtain an original unless it is a very recent model, so you will probably have to settle for a photocopy. First stop is your nearest Eccles dealer who you can trace though the Sterling Caravans Website accessed via the link on this site.

Another excellent source of information is the very comprehensive Haynes "Caravan Manual".
If you click on the illustration to the right it will take you directly to the Haynes web site.
This manual is available at all good bookshops and many caravan dealers. It is also available
directly from the publisher, further details are on their website.

If all else fails, contact our Secretary who may be able to help with some information such as tyre pressures, awning sizes etc.

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