How do I know which year my Eccles Caravan was made?

Although the majority of sellers are genuine, unfortunately not all, private or trade, are scrupulous about giving the correct age of a caravan. Some are deliberately untruthful and some simply don't know. The answer to this is really quite simple, so if you are looking to buy an Eccles caravan and want to check its age, you should find a metal plate of about 75 x 50mm which on earlier vans is located on the drawbar and on later vans is near the entry door at the bottom level. (If you can't find one beware - the van may have been nicked and the plate deliberately removed and you should see tell-tale signs of where it would have been). There will be a series of numbers but you are looking for the serial/chassis number which for pre-1995 models, (Newmarket produced), starts with a letter and two numbers, i.e., T89xxxxxxx. The letter is unimportant for the purpose of this exercise and varies but in this case the year of manufacture is 1989. For Cottingham produced models, (post 1995), the system is similar except that the series of digits starts SGDS and the following three numbers, eg 099 for 1999, denote the model year. It's as simple as that! On the Cottingham models the same identification is also stamped on the chassis visible though a slot in the front cowling. (Make sure they are the same!).

Since late 2006, the 099 rule has changed, confusingly so. Although some vans still show a 3, 4,5 number, this is a production type, not year. The easiest way to tell now is the 10th digit of the CRIS number, i.e. SGDST5ASW 70123456, so year is 2007. In common with the motor industry, the "model year" signifies the design of any given year but production usually commences at the latter end of the year before. So do not be concerned if you find that yours first hit the road a few months earlier than the year on the plate.

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