How do I know how much my car can tow?

or to put it another way, how big a car do I need to tow that caravan? The general rule especially for someone inexperienced in towing is that the caravan should weigh no more than 85% of the car's weight. If your maths is sound you probably don't need to go any further but if you're not sure how to work it out it's quite simple really. Lay your hands on pen and paper and your car's handbook, (you can use a calculator if you have to).

First off, jot down the car "kerbweight" from the handbook. Let's assume it's 1670Kg, a medium sized car. Multiply that by 0.85 (or, multiply by 85 and divide by 100; we're making it easy, remember!) That gives us a figure of 1420, So 1420Kg is the recommended maximum weight of caravan for your car.

To work out for a car to tow a particular weight of van, simply reverse the process. Divide the caravan weight by 0.85, (or, muliply by 100 and divide by 85), to give you the kerbweight you need to pull it comfortably.

Be careful also that the maximum caravan nose-weight on the car's towball is not exceeded.

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